Mar 13 2018

World Friends Affiliate sites

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Dear loyal members and supporters,

Thanks for the years backing this site with your memberships.

Things are not looking good though for the future.
The parent company of World Friends has not paid any of their partner sites (over 200 of them) commissions in over 2 years.

It is therefore with great sadness that I will be removing the links from this site to their service until they pay and or revenue improves for them to pay their debts.

I have been keeping the links up in good faith to try and help them recover but unfortunately they are just using the revenue from this site to pay their overheads and keep their heads above water.

I can’t afford to pay the hosting for this site while they take money we are earning for them.
I don’t want to finance their debt and neither should the paying members.

If you are worried about your account, please contact them directly outlining your concerns.

Again, thank you for your patronage. It was a great service where I even found my own soon to be married partner (gf).

We’ve had plenty of marriages, almost zero complaints here and a lot of happy customers.

I guess the cheaper options like Tinder etc have taken the wind from our sails.

I’m really sad to see it go downhill like this.

Jul 30 2017

Marriages are down in Japan…

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Not only are marriages down. The owners at World Friends haven’t been paying us our measly commissions. If you’d be so kind to email them and ask them to pay us it would make us all a little less uncomfy about the service.


Jun 10 2017

Cycling Around Japan

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Every year more and more tourists are exploring Japan by bicycle.
Compared to many other countries cycling in the city or the countryside is relatively safe and easy. The mountains can be challenging but the scenery makes up for it.

There is a great series on NHK which can be viewed on their homepage with lots of good routes.

Check it out here.

If you have any questions and advice about cycling in Japan join the forum at The Tokyo Cycling Club homepage.



There is all kinds of cycling…

Rent a bike and ride around the cities, join a cycling club and enter some races.

Buy a cheap shopping bike and just potter around…

I love riding the rivers out from Tokyo and up into the countryside…

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Apr 09 2017

Love Hotels Revisited

Category: Japan NewsIchiban @ 12:46 am

Apparently they don’t use the term ‘Love Hotel’ anymore. The new vernacular being ‘Boutique Hotel’.

Check out this old abandoned ‘Boutique Hotel’

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Apr 02 2017

Let’s Bonsai: Cherry Blossom Season Is Here

Category: Japan EntertainmentIchiban @ 7:06 am

Japan’s ancient art of bonsai threatened by waning interest among youth

Read the ABC Story—>bonsai-cherry-blossom
Everybody loves a bonsai!

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Mar 30 2017

LGBT & Japan

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fruits in suits tokyo facebook page

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Mar 03 2017


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We’ve switched the forum back on again.
(From Community Menu Tab)

Have a quick look at the old posts in there.
If we have a spambot attack I’ll switch it off again.

It used to be a busy friendly forum. Facebook destroyed a lot of good online communities.
Maybe one day they’ll make a comeback.

Feb 03 2017

Trump & Tokyo

Category: Japan News,UncategorizedIchiban @ 8:56 am

Tokyo on fire discuss Trump!

Check it out.

Like a groggy grizzly bear, Tokyo on Fire is back from hibernation in 2017! Are you ready for extra innings of inside baseball? We sure are!

This year’s Tokyo on Fire starts with looking at the US-Japan relationship, which is either huger than ever or on the skids depending on which pundit you ask. With the Japanese media already heavily reporting on President Trump moving into the White House and implementing many gold curtains (and some executive orders), the Tokyo visit of the new U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis will be closely watched. What’s the outlook for US-Japan cooperation in 2017?

In Tokyo, Governor Yuriko Koike is on a political crusade to conquer the upcoming Metropolitan Assembly elections to accelerate the demise of her enemies in the LDP old boys’ club. Her latest maneuver has broken all precedents and seems to be a slam dunk: she’s fielding 40 candidates as if she were starting a new political party, despite still being a member of the LDP. Will she succeed or will the old boys get their revenge? What’s going to happen in the Tokyo Met. Assembly elections?

The LDP-Komeito alliance, which has existed for the past 16 years, could be coming towards an end in the next national election. What’s the beef? If they part ways, what does this mean for the vitality of both parties?

As of last year, Prime Minister Abe seemed to be the only viable candidate for the PM post, and this was even further reinforced by the LDP’s decision to allow him a 3rd term to stay in power. However, the beginning of 2017 has shaken this up: it looks as if a new contender has emerged. Is post-Abe happening sooner rather than later?

Join Timothy Langley and Michael Cucek in 2017’s first Tokyo on Fire!

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Nov 25 2016

The Big One

Category: Japan NewsIchiban @ 2:42 pm

Is Japan ready for the next big earthquake?

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Nov 25 2016

Tsunami Alert by Tokyo On Fire

Category: Japan NewsIchiban @ 11:55 am

Great YouTube channel by renowned Japan lawyer Timothy Langley

Join host Timothy Langley and Michael Cucek for another episode of Tokyo on Fire!

Published on Nov 24, 2016

Japan suffered from a 7.4 earthquake this week in the same area that was devastated nearly 6 years ago. This time, however, the response of emergency authorities was swift and efficient.


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Tokyo on Fire is also available on:



To learn more about Langley Esquire, visit our website:

Langley Esquire — Over 30 Years Experience in Japan Public Affairs

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