Jul 24 2014

No Brainer

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Joining up!!! The Friend Finder Personals section!

Why waste your time elsewhere???

 Does it Cost Money to Join?

Japanichiban Personals offers a FREE membership that allows access to much of the functionality on the site, including our popular Groups and Video Chat. There is also a Premium Membership tier that offers access to all features on the service.

 Is English the Main Language?

English is used by most Members for their Profile and Messaging.

 How “Fresh” are the Profiles?

We are adding about 25,000 new Members a week. They come from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, the USA and increasingly from Europe.

 How Active Are The Women?

Over 80% log in daily. More importantly, they respond to your emails, smiles, chat requests. And they are fun to communicate with as Japanichiban Personals is not as “transactional” as the traditional dating sites.

 What Features Are Popular?

Groups are very popular as they allow you to meet people who share your interests. It is an easy way to start a conversation. Video Chat also generates a lot of interest, especially from women who want to practice English. The Trip Notification is also growing in popularity.

And yes, to get results you’ll have to pay a little….the longer the term the cheaper the rate!

Still not convinced? Just try it for a month and see how busy you get fending them off!!!

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Jun 13 2014

Drunk Sarariman

Category: Japan EntertainmentIchiban @ 10:46 am


It's been a hard day's night

It’s been a hard day’s night
















May 18 2014

Shine On Kids Executive Fight Night

Category: Japan EntertainmentIchiban @ 12:56 pm

Japanichiban is a big fan of this charity and with one of our favorite Tokyo musicians putting his good looks on the line we had to throw a donation in to the ring to support this great cause.

Fighters are fighting to make sure the Facility Dog Program is with patients and families every step of the way. They are fighting for children who are fighting for life in hospitals across Japan. They are fighting to keep the programs in the hospitals which encourage children, families, hospitals and communities to keep fighting. To stay strong. To shine on.

¥50000 from Japanichiban…but it’s not enough.

For the Kids!!! Support Andy here or any of the other boxers!!!




Our man Andy Mackinlay is going to do some damage!!!

























Shine On Kids


lick on the share buttons too….this deserves immediate attention as time is running out!

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May 15 2014

We’re speaking Japanese

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Happens all the time!

Ken Tanaka!!!


May 01 2014

India Overtakes Japan as World’s Third Largest Economy

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World Bank: India Overtakes Japan as World’s Third Largest Economy
In purchasing power parity (PPP) terms, India is now the world’s third largest economy — surpassing Japan.

By Ankit Panda
May 01, 2014

In a sliver of good economic news during an Indian election that is widely focused on economic growth, the World Bank announced in a report on Tuesday that India overtook Japan as the world’s third largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP). According to the World Bank’s International Comparison Program (ICP) data, India holds a 6.4 percent share of global GDP on a PPP basis. The United States remains in first place with a 17.1 percent share and China trails it at 14.9 percent. Japan, while still the world’s third largest economy in nominal terms, holds a 4.8 percent share of global wealth.

The ICP’s data is from 2011. Overall, India went from 10th place in 2005 to 3rd place in 2011. ”The United States remained the world’s largest economy, but it was closely followed by China when measured using PPPs. India was now the world’s third largest economy, moving ahead of Japan,” the report noted. “Because economies estimate their GDP at national price levels and in national currencies, those GDPs are not comparable. To be compared, they must be valued at a common price level and expressed in a common currency,” the report explains, outlining the justification for a PPP-based comparative look at world GDPs. In exchange rate terms– that is, when all the national currencies are converted into U.S. dollars at current exchange rates– the Indian economy remains about a third of Japan’s in size, comparable to the Russian or Canadian GDPs.

PPP is particularly important in the study of poverty levels and quality of life across countries as it adjusts for price changes across national economies. PPP, for example, is used by the World Bank in its poverty threshold of $1.25 per day per person. Given that a dollar can buy more in some countries and less in others, PPP-based comparative analyses allow for comparisons between economies. For India, the bad news is that its GDP per captia in PPP terms still ranks the country 127 out 199 — a reminder that the country has much to do in combating poverty. ”The largest economies were not the richest, as shown in the ranking of GDP per capita. The middle-in-come economies with large economies also had large populations, setting the stage for continued growth,” the report noted.

The World Bank’s report has been widely featured in the Indian media and is a morale-improving piece of news for a country that has been besieged by high inflation, stagnant growth, corruption, and other economic ills in the past year. Narendra Modi, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s candidate for prime minister in the ongoing election and the front-runner, rose to popularity primarily because voters see him as a candidate capable of transforming India’s economy for the better. Modi has frequently held up his (debatable) economic achievements in his home state of Gujarat, where he was chief minister, and has claimed that he would transfer that model of governance to India as a whole.

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May 01 2014

Japanese porn star unveils elf-like face

Category: Japanese GirlsIchiban @ 1:06 pm

Rina Nanase
A Japanese porn star and model who underwent radical plastic surgery has copped criticism for her new “elf-like” appearance leading some to compare her to the character of Dobby in the Harry Potter movies.
Rina Nanase, who acted under the name Rumi Kanda in adult videos, has proudly chronicled her quest for perfection but her Twitter account also reveals a struggle with an eating disorder.
In August 2013, Ms Nanase tweeted a photo of herself at the age of 17 criticising her “dumplings nose and eyes” and “too small Palm jaw”.


Years of surgery: Rina Nanase aged 17. Photo: Twitter
Earlier this year, she underwent a nose and chin reconstruction, breast augmentation, double eye-lid surgery and possible liposuction.

Photos on her Twitter account have detailed her painful recovery process.
Above a photo of her bruised ear, where doctors took cartilage to reconstruct her nose, she wrote: “Ear is painful…nose hurts.”
The translation on a photo with her nose covered in plaster included the tweet: “Buy when you want! Eyes your boobs larger”.

In another, Ms Nanase posted a photo of her eyes swollen from stitches on her eyelids.
Online users have been critical of her new looks with one of her followers tweeting that she now has a “mannequin face”.
“Plastic surgery has changed her looks so much that she is almost unrecognisable. Now she is like Dobby from Harry Potter,” another wrote on online blog izismile.
However, Ms Nanase defended her physical changes earlier this week, telling her followers how “happy” with the tweet: “Great happiness somehow…It was good to be alive. Was good to born”.
In a photo posted in November prior to Ms Nanase’s nose and chin surgery, she said: “Why why why man does not like loli face’s?…I don’t regret things that shaped”.


Professor of Psychology Marika Tiggemann, from Flinders University said the 25-year-old’s westernised appearance was what society considered an “ideal look”. She cited Michael Jackson’s attempt to “whiten” himself as an example and said like the late pop-singer, Ms Nanase had gone to the extreme.
“At a sight level, no one really notices or makes a fuss about it, until someone looks very different, or doesn’t look real anymore,” Professor Tiggemann said.
“There are lots and lots of people who have double-eyelid surgery in many Asian countries. Presumably a western appearance also requires a different kind of chin and breast augmentation to the extent that the ‘ideal’ has become uniform across cultures.”
Professor Tiggemann said a characteristic of people who undergo extreme cosmetic surgery was perfectionism.
“If she’s genuinely happy with her look, then fair enough. The danger is when people start on this road because when you improve the look of one thing, then the next thing doesn’t look good,” she said.
Close inspection of Ms Nanase’s Twitter feed also revealed her struggle with what appears to be an eating disorder.
“Smile stomach grovel. Sense of accomplishment,” she wrote earlier this year.
A number of tweets mention how she is suffering from anaemia and is regularly “on a drip” in hospital. Ms Nanse also said she was hospitalised with potassium deficiency about three years ago and she posted on one occasion that she was considering buying diet tea to help with a bout of constipation.
A photo uploaded in March showed Ms Nanase weighed just under 40kg.
“30kg on after a long time, my gosh,” she posted.
At times, users have implored the model to eat, while others have shared their diet tips including supplementing food with jam and juice.
Professor Tiggemann said young people should be encouraged to focus on other interests, rather than on appearance.
“Accepting who you are is very difficult in our society,” she said.
“It’s very hard to get women, in particular young women to accept the way they look.”
“The best option for society as a whole, is a much more preventative line – a line that tries to encourage young people to accept their bodies as they are, which is really difficult.”


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Apr 25 2014

Justin Bieber attempts to start World War Three

Category: Chinese Pops,Japan NewsIchiban @ 5:53 am

Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber apologized via Instagram after China fans were outraged he visited Tokyo’s Yasukuni Shrine, which honors Japan’s fallen during World War II, including some who committed mass atrocities.


Did Justin Bieber honor the memory of some of Japan’s worst war criminals during his recent trip to Tokyo? You better belieb it!

According to the international pop sensation’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, Bieber dropped by the notorious Yasukuni Shrine this week, where he paid his respects to Japan’s war dead, including former military leaders from the country’s imperial army who committed mass atrocities across Asia and the Pacific during World War II.

“Thank you for your blessings,” tweeted Bieber, which garnered more than 666,000 likes on Instagram and tens of thousands of retweets before the singer suddenly removed the image from his account.

Thank you for your blessings. http://t.co/qmK0i5spBT
— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) April 22, 2014
But Bieber’s China fans were less than impressed by the visit, urging him on social media to remove the picture out of respect for the dead. Bieber eventually responded to the controversy caused by the incident with an Instagram post on Wednesday of TIME’s story on the upset:

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Apr 03 2014

Japan’s Bosozoku gang girls

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Tattoos and talons: Inside the world of Japan’s Bosozoku gang girls where the women are just as bad ass as the men

  • Bosozoku is a Japanese sub-culture whose members flout rules of  road
  • Women who join the gang customise gets the usual tattoos and bikes
  • But they have brought their own feminine style with flowers and manicures 

Original article:



They have tattoos, uniforms and the obligatory high-powered machines which mark them out as members of a biker gang.

But these women are as likely to show off their brilliantly coloured talons as their tats and favour bikes festooned with flowers and painted an attractive shade of pink.

In fact, the Bosozoku girls of Japan have rejuvenated a sub-culture that has been in rapid decline since the 1980s.


Bosozuku (‘violent run tribe’) consists of biker gangs which rebel against the strict rules of Japanese cultural in favour of a life on the road.

Also known as the ‘kaminari zoku’ (thunder tribes) when it began in the 1950s, the group focuses on disrupting traffic in any way possible including running red lights, driving recklessly including speeding and traffic weaving, illegally modifying their bikes and ignoring noise restrictions.

Members are traditionally characterised by their modified motorcycles which often include elements from American choppers and British café racer style bikes, as well as their elaborate costumes.

Typically, traditional outfits resemble kamikaze or samurai style jumpsuits, with gang names, mottos and defining symbols and pictures embellished on the back.

Otherwise, retro pilot boots, long overcoats and matching pants style which were a custom of the 70s Bosozoku fashion, derived from a combination of old kamikaze and  US Navy uniforms.

The Bosozoku girls bring their own style to gang fashion, however.


Long, multi coloured, pointed nails, bright pink and red bikes adorned with stickers and painted pictures while still maintaining luscious long shiny hair, glossed lips and the typical tattoo.

The women of these Japanese gangs say they are breaking away from gender stereotypes by challenging the domestic roles expected of women in modern Japan.

In their own words, they are all about proving that ‘Japanese women can wipe their own ass’.

Many of the female members were introduced to the gang culture from ex partners before deciding they wanted to ride as well, the video explains.

The gang’s activities are focused on road disruptions: running red lights, driving recklessly including speeding and traffic weaving, illegally modifying their bikes and ignoring noise restrictions, particularly when modifying their bikes.

But they have also been linked to gang violence. 

The girls are also out to prove that the subculture is not a dying one, despite Japanese National Police Agency reports stating that the number of recognized Bosozoku members nationwide, hit a record low of 7,297 in 2012.

This is down from the recorded 42,500 members at the subculture’s peak in 1982, according to the Japan Times.

The reduction in member numbers is considered to be a result of a police crackdown and subsequent road traffic law revisions in 2004, which gave more power to police.

Motorcycle gang members are so used to evading police, whom will target riders just for wearing a identifiable Bosozoku uniform, that members bikes are designed to help lose police cars in a chase.

For this reason, handlebars are bent downward and inward in order to allow riders to weave between traffic, the video explains.

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Apr 02 2014

Cherry Blossom Parties

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Were at their peak today…rain till the weekend. Hopefully the petals will last till the weekend.

Gogendo Park

More photos on our Facebook page



Mar 13 2014

WiFi Rental in Japan

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You arrive in Japan but can’t buy a SIM card to use in your phone?

Don’t worry, you can now rent a pocket WiFi router delivered to your hotel or residence and get online immediately.

Check it out!


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