Mar 08 2009

Japanese Comedians

Category: Japan RelatedIchiban @ 10:18 pm

Japanese TV is getting worse and worse every year. There are about a thousand comedians who do show after show on all the networks, doing the same jokes over and over again and slightly changing them evey now and again. Some of them can’t come up with any new material but are still on there two or three years later doing the same stupid stuff.

I like it for one reason. It’s repetitive and allows me to learn Japanese. (stupid Japanese but at least I’m learning still). The humor is usually not too deep and if it is, (rarely) it usually goes over my head. My kids and wife will be laughing but I missed it. For measuring my level of understanding at a native level the difficult humor is a good test. It may not even be difficult.

This show called Red Carpet is one of the more popular ones on at the moment. Various comedians come on and do short skits. Other TV personalities and comedians rank the performances.

Just to give you an idea of how stupid it is have a look at the 2nd act here at around 1:54 where a woman comes on and does translations and acts as a language teacher.

No wonder my kids are growing up with weird senses of humor (myself included).

These two guys here call themselves Audrey ??????? and currently rank #1 mostly due to the guy in pink as he stands out. They do a typical Abbot and Costello, good cop bad cop routine. There blog is also the most popular blog in Japan at the moment.

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