Apr 17 2015

Strange Taste

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”So, what kind of music do you play?”

The four members of Strange Taste always have great difficulty in answering this question. It’s not that their sound is so unique, outlandish or ”strange” that it defies common labels to describe music, it’s just that they play such a wide range of styles that no single one could be applied adequately.

Frontman Matthew de Wilde and guitarist Naoharu Nishikata, the group’s songwriters, have for more than 18 years pooled their vastly different musical influences into songs that feel at home on stages in any environment, whether it be an inner-city livehouse, a large outdoor event, or in the gardens of the British Embassy. The resulting sound is mature, balanced and just good to listen to and tap your knees to.
The band’s live performance has punters’ ears visit a variety of moods designed and delivered to please and maintain interest for a gig that ends professionally on time, but feels over too soon. De Wilde’s lyrics deal with issues that he himself would consider “personal challenges” but are actually common to most if not all of us: human hope, loneliness, global warming, trust, war and peace, nostalgia, and the pain of failure and rejection. His banter with the audience during between-song-intermissions is like a chat over a cappuccino in a Komazawa coffee bar: friendly, in tune with local issues, and well-blended with the environment. Newcomers to Strange Taste gigs can often be seen walking away visually impressed with nods of “Now THAT was a good band!”

And the judges at the Setagaya Band Battle in February this year thought so too – awarding Strange Taste the Grand Prix, beating a total of 57 other entries.

While the band have a number of independently produced CDs, they are currently re-working their online distribution strategy, so their recordings are currently and regrettably temporarily unavailable for public purchase. However, liking their Facebook page (Strange Taste Japan) is a good way to check out video samples of the band’s live feel, as well as stay in touch with upcoming gigs etc.
So… what kind of music do they play?
Well… you’d probably get the most accurate answer to that by just coming to a gig and getting a taste of Strange Taste!


Strange Taste are:
Matthew de Wilde (keys/main vocals)
Tetsuya Ando (bass)
Naoharu Nishikata (guitar/vocals)
Aki Udagawa (drums/vocals)


Strange Taste are playing at:
☆Yotsuya Live Inn Magic on the Monday national holiday of May 4thhttp://liveinn-magic.com/access.html
☆Vanilla Mood Roppongi on Sunday June 7th
☆Setagaya City Festival, Bajikoen on Sunday August 2nd

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