Mar 13 2018

World Friends Affiliate sites

Category: World FriendsIchiban @ 12:04 pm

Dear loyal members and supporters,

Thanks for the years backing this site with your memberships.

Things are not looking good though for the future.
The parent company of World Friends has not paid any of their partner sites (over 200 of them) commissions in over 2 years.

It is therefore with great sadness that I will be removing the links from this site to their service until they pay and or revenue improves for them to pay their debts.

I have been keeping the links up in good faith to try and help them recover but unfortunately they are just using the revenue from this site to pay their overheads and keep their heads above water.

I can’t afford to pay the hosting for this site while they take money we are earning for them.
I don’t want to finance their debt and neither should the paying members.

If you are worried about your account, please contact them directly outlining your concerns.

Again, thank you for your patronage. It was a great service where I even found my own soon to be married partner (gf).

We’ve had plenty of marriages, almost zero complaints here and a lot of happy customers.

I guess the cheaper options like Tinder etc have taken the wind from our sails.

I’m really sad to see it go downhill like this.

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