Jan 07 2016

What Japanese Think of Half-Japanese People? (Interview)

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Personals Japan

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Apr 01 2015

Silver Pron!

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Is today April Fool’s Day?
Make your own minds up over this article.

‘Silver porn’ shows fifty shades of greying Japan

PUBLISHED ON APR 1, 2015 11:31 AM

TOKYO (AFP) – Dressed in a kimono and kneeling silently on a tatami mat floor, 61-year-old Ms Yasue Tomita looks as if she might be about to perform a Japanese tea ceremony – instead she’s debuting as a porn actress.

Fluttering her eyelashes demurely as the cameras prepare to roll, Ms Tomita is proof that in Japan’s greying society you’re never too old to chase your dreams, however racy or unorthodox.

She has also become part of a flourishing niche market in Japan: “silver porn” – stretching the limits of eroticism among the elderly and overturning social norms in a country where people are expected to grow old gracefully.

Love, too, is not confined to the young, say Japan’s growing army of pensioners exploring their desires in more conventional ways, with dating agencies for the elderly reporting increasingly brisk business.

Ms Tomita confessed to being “a bit rusty” but made no apologies for her rambunctious lust for life, or her decision to put aside her knitting and crochet and launch into a career making X-rated movies.

“I like my handicrafts but I wanted to try my hand at this, while my body still works,” she told AFP before filming began.

“I do like sex, and this is my last chance before I get too old. I’m very nervous. I wonder if I should really do it, especially in front of so many people, but everyone should follow their dream.

“I just hope I can keep up,” added Ms Tomita, who used to work in a factory manufacturing car parts and registered for an agency in Japan’s booming “adult video” (AV) industry with her daughter.

“We applied through the Internet together. I got offered a job first, which surprised her a bit.”

In ageing Japan, around 32 million people – a quarter of the population – are 65 or over. Thanks to a low birthrate and growing longevity, that proportion is expected to rise to 40 per cent by 2060.

With statistics like that, it’s no surprise that geronto-porn is big business.

Adult movies rake in about US$20 billion (S$27.4 billion) a year, and those featuring unashamedly wrinkly men and women account for between 20 per cent and 30 per cent of that market, industry insiders say. Sales have rocketed over the past decade as more of Japan’s perky seniors celebrate their mojo.

Though not for the faint-hearted, the genre took off thanks largely to now-80-year-old Shigeo Tokuda, the twinkle-toed king of granddad porn, who has peeled off for hundreds of hardcore flicks with titles such as “Forbidden Elderly Care” and “Manic Training of Lolitas”.

Pornography became widely available in Japan in the 1900s, with seventeenth century Edo-era woodblock erotic prints being many people’s first introduction to the genre.

Attitudes towards sex are less prudish than in other parts of the world and fun-loving fertility festivals, where giant wooden phalluses are joyfully carried around towns, take place annually in parts of Japan.

“Everyone has different sexual tastes or fetishes,” said director Fumiaki Kimura. “Elderly porn has become very popular over the past 10 years or so. Older couples watch together because they can feel a connection, a sense of closeness or familiarity, being the same age.

“It’s like a forbidden pleasure,” he added. “Young people watch it because they’re fed up with the regular stuff – whatever turns you on. You do hear about actors taking Viagra, but that can be dangerous for the older guys.”

Mr Tokuda, who beds actresses young enough to be his granddaughter, also co-starred with Ms Fujiko Ito, just two years his junior, the pair frolicking in hot springs or on tatamis with Ms Ito in a kimono.

Ms Natsuko Kayama, 44, a porn star with 25 years’ experience in the industry, told AFP she wanted to outlast the oldest swingers in town.

“I’d love to be the oldest AV actress,” she laughed. “I want to break the record if I can – if I last that long.”

Far away from the steamy film sets, others entering the autumn of their lives are simply interested in finding companionship, perhaps after losing or leaving their first long-term partner.

But with habits set, it isn’t always easy to meet someone, and many turn to one of hundreds of matchmaking services catering to older clientele, such as the Ai-Senior company, which boasts a total of 6,000 registered members, some in their 90’s.

Later life dating hit the headlines last year with the grisly case of the “Black Widow” – 68-year-old Chisako Kakehi, who was arrested in November accused of murdering her septuagenarian fourth husband with cyanide.

Placing adverts for an “unattached elderly man with assets”, she was said to have amassed millions of dollars in insurance and other payouts over 10 years as a result of the death of a string of spouses and lovers.

Most elderly daters, happily, have far more felicitous stories to tell.

Mr Yosuke Komori, 66, and his 57-year-old wife Mutsuko met through another dating agency. Both previously married, they wed four years ago and still hold hands like smitten teenagers.

“I think a healthy sex life is an added bonus of marriage,” said Mrs Komori, who got married in a daringly short dress, to the horror of her daughters.

“I think perhaps my husband is sufficiently confident in that department. But the most important thing in a relationship is mutual understanding.”

For bashful Mr Komori, it was never only about the physical side of things.

“I feel most contented when she is happy,” he said sheepishly. “I don’t want to sound soppy, but I just want to make her smile. What’s important is love, actually.”

– See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/asia/east-asia/story/silver-porn-shows-fifty-shades-greying-japan-20150401#sthash.1WcHsdCx.dpuf


Mar 10 2015

Tokyo St Patrick’s Day Parade 2015

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The Festival is held in conjunction with St.Patrick’s Day Parade held by Irish Network Japan Tokyo in Omotesando. This year they mark the 23rd parade! See below the video of last year’s parade. Visit there website from here to check out the details!

Guinness time…

Thanks to Diageo(Guinness, Kilkenny, Baileys), Dubliners, IDA, Enterprise Ireland, IJCC, Shannons, Finn McCools, The Hub, DCU, Harman, H&K and many more for making all this possible.
Enquiries : English Japanese
Japanese : Website in Japanese

★St. Patrick’s Day Parades 2015 around Japan★ Save the Date !
今年ももうすぐ「アイルランド・フェスティバル」の季節がやってきます。今年もイベント情報を本ページで発信していきますので、よろしくお願いいたします。 全国各地のセント・パトリックス・デー・パレード、第2回アイ・ラブ・アイルランド・フェスティバルの開催予定は以下の通りです。今から予定を空けておいてくださいね!
★St. Patrick’s Day Parades 2015 around Japan★

Saturday, 14 March 3月14日(土)
Yokohama 横浜 http://inj-yokohama.com/
Nagoya 名古屋 http://inj.or.jp/group/inj-nagoya
Kumamoto 熊本 http://parade.kumamoto-ireland.org/
Sunday, 15 March 3月15日(日)
Tokyo 東京 http://inj.or.jp/group/inj-tokyo
Fukuoka 福岡 http://www.celtic.or.jp/
Okinawa 沖縄 http://kozaweb.jp/
Saturday, 21 March 3月21日(土・祝)
Chiba 千葉 http://chiba.inj.or.jp/
Takamatsu 高松 http://inj.or.jp/group/shikoku-inj
Ireland Festival in Osaka 2015
March 22, 2015 (Sun)
Nanba Dotonbori Tonbori Riverwalk
Sponsored by INJ Osaka Festival Executive Committee
★I Love Ireland Festival 2015★
Sunday, 15 March 3月15日(日)
10:00 – 18:00
at Yoyogi Park, Tokyo 東京・代々木公園イベント広場


Contact us
Facebook :
English (General Japan and Tokyo) : www.facebook.com/groups/irishnetworkjapan/
Japanese: www.facebook.com/groups/inj.nihongo/
Shikoku : www.facebook.com/groups/154769474607271/
Yokohama: http://www.facebook.com/IrishNetworkJapanYokohama/
Embassy Ireland Festival site :www.facebook.com/IrelandFestivalJapan
Also on Twitter @IrishEmbJapan
Thanks again to Diageo(Guinness, Kilkenny, Baileys), Dubliners, Jameson, IDA, Enterprise Ireland, IJCC, Shannons, Finn McCools, The Hub, Hard Rock Cafe, Hobgoblin, DCU and many more for making all this possible.

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Mar 10 2015

Win a trip to Japan

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One App for Japan!

An app for visitors to Japan!
Take our survey, give us your feedback and one lucky winner will get two round trip BUSINESS CLASS TICKETS to Japan!


And don’t forget to try the dating app with your Japanichiban Friends log in details.


Jan 06 2015

Abenomics Tokyo Homeless

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This video was made back in 2011 but not much has changed.

Abenomics has done very little to stimulate the economy. Higher taxes make it harder for people to pay their bills.

The result? more homeless.

Abenomics refers to the economic policies advocated by Shinzō Abe since the December 2012 general election, which elected Abe to his second term as prime minister of Japan. Abenomics is based upon “three arrows” of fiscal stimulus, monetary easing and structural reforms.[1] The Economist characterized the program as a “mix of reflation, government spending and a growth strategy designed to jolt the economy out of suspended animation that has gripped it for more than two decades.”[2]

The term “Abenomics” is a portmanteau of Abe and economics, and follows previous political neologisms for economic policies linked to specific leaders, such as Reaganomics, Clintonomics and Rogernomics.

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Dec 11 2014

What Japanese think of foreigners

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May 01 2014

India Overtakes Japan as World’s Third Largest Economy

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World Bank: India Overtakes Japan as World’s Third Largest Economy
In purchasing power parity (PPP) terms, India is now the world’s third largest economy — surpassing Japan.

By Ankit Panda
May 01, 2014

In a sliver of good economic news during an Indian election that is widely focused on economic growth, the World Bank announced in a report on Tuesday that India overtook Japan as the world’s third largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP). According to the World Bank’s International Comparison Program (ICP) data, India holds a 6.4 percent share of global GDP on a PPP basis. The United States remains in first place with a 17.1 percent share and China trails it at 14.9 percent. Japan, while still the world’s third largest economy in nominal terms, holds a 4.8 percent share of global wealth.

The ICP’s data is from 2011. Overall, India went from 10th place in 2005 to 3rd place in 2011. ”The United States remained the world’s largest economy, but it was closely followed by China when measured using PPPs. India was now the world’s third largest economy, moving ahead of Japan,” the report noted. “Because economies estimate their GDP at national price levels and in national currencies, those GDPs are not comparable. To be compared, they must be valued at a common price level and expressed in a common currency,” the report explains, outlining the justification for a PPP-based comparative look at world GDPs. In exchange rate terms– that is, when all the national currencies are converted into U.S. dollars at current exchange rates– the Indian economy remains about a third of Japan’s in size, comparable to the Russian or Canadian GDPs.

PPP is particularly important in the study of poverty levels and quality of life across countries as it adjusts for price changes across national economies. PPP, for example, is used by the World Bank in its poverty threshold of $1.25 per day per person. Given that a dollar can buy more in some countries and less in others, PPP-based comparative analyses allow for comparisons between economies. For India, the bad news is that its GDP per captia in PPP terms still ranks the country 127 out 199 — a reminder that the country has much to do in combating poverty. ”The largest economies were not the richest, as shown in the ranking of GDP per capita. The middle-in-come economies with large economies also had large populations, setting the stage for continued growth,” the report noted.

The World Bank’s report has been widely featured in the Indian media and is a morale-improving piece of news for a country that has been besieged by high inflation, stagnant growth, corruption, and other economic ills in the past year. Narendra Modi, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s candidate for prime minister in the ongoing election and the front-runner, rose to popularity primarily because voters see him as a candidate capable of transforming India’s economy for the better. Modi has frequently held up his (debatable) economic achievements in his home state of Gujarat, where he was chief minister, and has claimed that he would transfer that model of governance to India as a whole.

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Mar 13 2014

WiFi Rental in Japan

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You arrive in Japan but can’t buy a SIM card to use in your phone?

Don’t worry, you can now rent a pocket WiFi router delivered to your hotel or residence and get online immediately.

Check it out!


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Dec 16 2013

United States Forces Japan Thanks!

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A special thanks to all the U.S Forces people who frequent Japanichiban.

Keeping us all safe!

Merry Christmas!

Joint Services Uniform Badge, Commander U.S. Forces Japan

The United States Forces Japan, or USFJ (在日米軍 Zainichi Beigun?) refers to the various divisions of the United States Armed Forces that are stationed in Japan. Under the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan, the United States is obliged to defend Japan in close cooperation with the Japan Self-Defense Forces for maritime defense, ballistic missile defense, domestic air control, communications security (COMSEC), and disaster response operations.

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Nov 23 2011

Ryo Ishikawa rumored to become a father.

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On the night of the final day of the President’s Cup Ishikwa’s home in Japan’s driveway was packed with cars. No doubt his girlfriend was in there celebrating Ryo’s great run against Bubba Watson with friends and family.

Were they also making wedding plans?

From NineMSM article:
Young Japanese golf superstar Ryo Ishikawa’s mystery girlfriend will remain anonymous for a little longer.

Ishikawa, 20, was planning to reveal his sweetheart to the world at this week’s Presidents Cup in Melbourne, but she is not coming after all, amid strong rumours that she is pregnant.

“He feels it would be too overwhelming for her to travel given the reaction to the news,” said a source who asked not to be identified.

“Apparently he has been swamped (by the media) since they found out.”

Rumours have been rampant on the Japan Tour recently that Ishikawa’s girlfriend is pregnant.

Ishikawa no doubt will be asked to confirm or deny them when he speaks to the media in Melbourne this week.

He is used to an astonishing level of scrutiny – more even than Tiger Woods – but the revelation last month that he has a steady girlfriend, believed to be a high school sweetheart, has caused a media frenzy.

It’s been no secret in golf circles for a couple of years, but Ishikawa has never introduced her publicly, and has declined to talk about the matter when questioned.

But his mother spilled the beans last month, issuing a statement that said: “There exists a woman whom Ryo Ishikawa is going out with.”

Ishikawa made history when he won a Japan Tour event at the age of 15 – the youngest winner ever on any internationally recognised tour.

And last year he created more history when he shot an astonishing final round 58 – the lowest score on a major tour – to win another Japanese event.

He has won nine tournaments at home, although none internationally.

His best showing in a big overseas tournament has been a tie for fourth at the World Golf Championships Bridgestone Invitational in Ohio in August.

With his youthful good looks, aggressive game and super polite behaviour, Ishikawa is a marketer’s dream.

He reportedly has commercial deals worth more than $40 million.

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