Dec 13 2015

Moranbong Band

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Red Alert.

Red Alert.

Red Alert.

An all-female band formed by the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un cancelled its concerts in Beijing and abruptly left the Chinese capital for unknown reasons.
Watch the crowd go wild….

North Korea’s Moranbong Band playing the song “Without a Break” during their 2013 New Year’s Eve performance. In the background, a screen shows a missile launch, and the crowd cheers after it destroys the world.

However band members arrived at Beijing’s airport in North Korean embassy vehicles on Saturday afternoon and departed aboard a North Korean Air Koryo jet shortly after 4pm following a lengthy delay, the Chinese news website reported.

A staff member at the National Theatre, where the band was to give the invitation-only performances, said the concerts had been cancelled but did not give a reason. An accompanying North Korean musical troupe, the State Merited Chorus, also cancelled its performances.

The bands’ abrupt departures might have been related to stories circulated by the South Korean media about a rumoured past relationship between the married Kim and a female member of the band, which also made rounds on Chinese social media, said Yang Moo-jin, a North Korea expert at the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul.

Pack up your weapons girls we’re outta here… Red Alert.














North Korea has built a cult of personality around the Kim family, which has ruled for three generations, and sees any outside criticism or mockery of its leader as an attack on its sovereignty.

“There are few things the North takes more seriously than an attack on the dignity of its supreme leadership, and it might have decided to bring the female members of the band back quickly to cut off such reports,” Yang said.

Mar 10 2015


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Check out up and coming interviewer Ninja-Girl’s homepage, twitter and FB pages.

NinjaGirl (aka Tomoka) is the main interviewer of her site. She interviews various talented individuals including actors, photographers, dancers, models and other gifted people who deserve larger recognition.
One of her main visions for the project is to promote foreign talents in Japan while promoting Japanese talents globally.


NinjaGirl went to the US as an exchange student, originally with the intention of becoming a special-effects make-up artist.

She has worked with numerous people in the entertainment industry including Rick Baker, Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks) and Michael J. Fox among many others. Upon returning to Japan, NinjaGirl was employed by TBS as a TV reporter. She has also worked as a radio personality (FM Tokyo, Radio Nippon) for over five years and continues to provide voice-overs for TV commercials.

NinjaGirl also has extensive experience in the fashion industry and currently assists clients with their personal styling. She is also currently involved in the entertainment, film and television industries in both Japan and the US. She has also recently written a novel with her mother which garnered top sales on Amazon Japan.

Please share the NinjaGirl website with your friends and help spread word of all of the amazing individuals she has interviewed!

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Aug 10 2014

Smelly Gaijin

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Sep 05 2013

Japan Ichiban Friend Finder App

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Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network Mobile Application is Here!

Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network has launched an iPhone app that allows you to access all of the Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network‘s Members from your iPhone or iPad. The application is called Zaima.

Android versions are in development and will be released shortly.


To download the app, please click here or search for Zaima in the Apple App Store.


Meet Your Neighbors in the Global Village. Download Japan Ichiban’s Friends Zaima Today!
Want to meet new people? Chat instantly? Zaima is the largest and fastest growing
international network for meeting new people and having fun. With one click, you can instantly meet new friends from 100 countries or see whose
hanging out in your neighborhood.Chat, exchange messages, post photos, browse profiles and photos,
and hotlist friends – these are just some of the features that make
Zaima the best way to meet new people now.















You can now log into your Japan Ichiban Friends account on your iphone or ipad with the Zaima app from iTunes.





Easy access while you’re on the go!!!

Just use your Japan Ichiban Friendfinder login username and password and you’re ready to roll.

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Dec 18 2010

Girls’ Generation (hangul: 소녀시대)

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Dec 18 2010

Kara girls from South Korea

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Kara from Korea with their Japanese version of Mister.

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