Aug 23 2013

Hikaru Utada Mother Suicide

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Ex-singer Keiko Fuji takes fatal leap


Former singer Keiko Fuji, the mother of singer Hikaru Utada, on Thursday plunged from a Tokyo condominium building to her death in an apparent suicide, police said. She was 62.

Fuji was found lying on a street bleeding in front of the building in the Shinjuku district at around 7 a.m.

She was taken to a hospital in a state of cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead soon afterward.

Fuji is believed to have jumped from the 13th-floor balcony of the residence of a male acquaintance in his 30s. The man told police that he did not know Fuji had fallen from the building because he was sleeping, sources said.

The building, about 1 km northwest of JR Shinjuku Station, is in an area hosting a number of office buildings, high-rise condominium complexes and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government office.

Fuji made her debut as a singer in 1969 and retired in 1979, moving to the United States. Since then, she has been little seen in public.

She married music producer Teruzane Utada in 1982 and gave birth to her daughter, Hikaru, in 1983.

Keiko Fuji, a former enka legend and the mother of J-pop superstar Utada Hikaru, died yesterday after falling from the 13th-floor balcony of her Tokyo apartment. She was 62. Police are treating the case as an apparent suicide, though no note was found at the scene.

Fuji was the daughter of musicians and led a nomadic lifestyle as a child. She became a breakthrough star following her 1969 debut in the world of enka ballads. Her first single “Shinjuku no Onna” was typical of her dark and melancholy songs about women of the night, and her debut album of the same name spent 20 weeks at the top of the charts. The immediate follow up, “Onna no Blues” was also a huge hit, topping the charts for 17 weeks. No one has since broken that record of 37 consecutive weeks atop the chart.

Fuji married enka singer Maekawa Kiyoshi in 1971 but they were divorced the following year. Fuji’s musical decline began after she underwent surgery for a throat polyp in 1974. She went through a series of comebacks but never reclaimed her former glory. She announced her retirement in 1979 and moved to the US until making a comeback in 1981. She married producer Utada Teruzane (65) in 1982 and their daughter Hikaru was born the next year. The family formed a self-managed trio under the name U3 in 1995 and released a single on their own label.

Hikaru of course went on to become a huge star in her own right, but the family continued to be plagued by misfortune. Fuji and Utada divorced in 2007, a year after Fuji was held at JFK airport after more than $400,000 of cash were found in her luggage (the money wasn’t returned to her until 2009).

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Jul 08 2013

Top 10 Mistakes Foreign Guys Make With Japanese Girls (with TOMOKO desu)

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Dec 13 2012


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We have released a new feature on Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network this week – Video Profiles.

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We have included a sample video for you. You can access it on the Manage Media selection which is accessible from the My Profile page.

Please note that profiles with videos will have higher Activity Scores and receive prominence in the Search Results and Members Online listings.

If you have questions or concerns, please drop us a note.



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Aug 14 2012

Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network = Love + Marriage + 2 Children = Lots of Happiness!!

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Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network = Love + Marriage + 2 Children = Lots of Happiness!!

Grant, Sydney, Australia/ Satoko, Japan

In a nutshell that is our continuing success story! And we owe it all to Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network. Satoko and I met in Tokyo through Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network right back in 2003 when it was all just starting up, and wow it has changed our lives! Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network was spot on in helping us find each other because one thing led to another and 6 months later in the middle of 2004 we both find ourselves pointing towards mainland Asia as we depart Japan together for an overland trip from Japan to Europe and back to Australia.A year later we land in Sydney where we now live the idyllic quintessential Australian lifestyle with our little son ‘Lotus” who was a gift from an ashram in India during our travels 🙂 Yes that is where he was made ha-ha. Lotus was made in India, Japanese mother, British father and was born in Australia; how lucky to have three passports and ultimately he owes it all to Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network. If that wasn’t enough, next week we look forward to welcoming Lotus’ baby sister into the growing World of Friends – WOW! Thanks Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network!It all started with you! Lots of Love, Grant,Satoko,Lotus&??? Anyone out there have any great ideas for our coming daughter’s name?More success stories to read here:

May 11 2012

Lady Gaga a Monster Hit in Japan

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American pop singer Lady Gaga arrived in Japan on Tuesday night and had her first Japan concert last night. (Thursday  11th May 2012) at the Saitama Super Arena.
Lady Gaga, who flew in from Hong Kong, is in Japan for two further concerts on the 12th and 13th as part of her

“The Born This Way Ball”.

The crowd was warmed up by DJ ZEDD who got the crowd pumped up and ready to roll.

The Saitama concerts was her first in Japan since 2010, though Lady Gaga has been to Japan twice since the March 11 disaster to show her support for the country and her “little monsters,” as she calls her fans.

Breaking down in tears at one stage obviously in thought over the earthquake/tsunami and nuclear reactor meltdown Gaga showed her humble character and brought many of the audience to tears as well.

The arena was a sell-out 35,000 of mostly young under 30s. Close to 60% of the audience were female.

Amazing concert with at least 4 pieces played as encore after what must have been a very exhausting performance.

As per her twitter post: Lady Gaga ‏ @ladygaga

Yes Tokyo! Tonight was the first BTWBall that I didn’t puke during show. (yes its that hard) xoxoxxxo Love, gaga+terry

Lady Gaga ‏ @ladygaga

Tonight was happiness, joy, gratitude. I’m the lucky one Japan. You are so special.

Lady Gaga was panting and panting between singing and running around the stage close to exhaustion. Earning her money she kept on singing well after most groups would be in the bus home or in the showers.

The Japanese crowd left feeling they got more than their money’s worth.


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Mar 05 2012


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The Forum here is almost continually closed due to constant Russian spambot attacks.

We may remove the old forum and replace it with a safer one in the near future. (But only if we can preserve all the old posts).


Will test a few new forum formats over the next few weeks.


Will keep you posted.

Mar 05 2012

Pastors in Japan

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Check out this new site set up to help out the Pastors (Fake or not) in Japan who are performing weddings.

Pastors in Japan

They’ve even let us put some adverts up, so if you support them, we will as well!














Jan 25 2011

Kanpei Earth Marathon Comes To An End

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Nov 30 -0001

Hello world!

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