Mar 31 2015

Miss Universe Japan

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OMG!!! A HA-Fuuuuuuu!


TOKYO: Born and bred in Nagasaki, Ariana Miyamoto went to study in the US before becoming a model. On Mar 12, she won the Miss Universe Japan title. However, beauty pageant fans are not unanimous in their acceptance of her victory, as some prefer a pure blooded Japanese to wear the crown.



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Miss Miyamoto is the pageant’s first mixed-race winner, being born to a Japanese mother and an African-American father.





“I saw the result of Miss Universe Japan. My honest feeling was: does it make sense that a foreigner represents Japan?” wrote a Twitter user. “Miss Universe Japan is not Japan,” read another tweet.




Japan is still far from being considered a multi-racial society. As of 2014, there were only 2.356 million foreigners living in Japan or two per cent of the entire population. In response, the Japanese Government is easing laws to allow more foreigners to live in the country.

Although the move has attracted a record 13 million foreign tourists last year, the rate of new foreigners relocating to Japan has by contrast increased only very slowly.

For some foreign residents, they feel like they are treated differently simply because they are not Japanese. “The older Japanese don’t like foreigners much. They ask me to go away,” said a Filipino woman.

“I’m a Singaporean. They don’t speak badly about Singaporeans. But it sometimes happen. I get feedback from people about other countries,“ said a Singaporean man.

On the contrary, if foreigners are just passing through the country, they are usually treated quite well. “Even if they don’t speak the language, they can point to the right direction, hand signal things away,” said an Asian-American traveller.

With the Japanese population on decline, its Government has been relaxing visa requirements, particularly to Southeast Asian nationals.

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Mar 08 2010

March in March for job security and an end to discrimination

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6th Annual March in March
Sunday, March 7th, 2010 12:00PM-

Tokyo, Chiyoda Ward, Hibiya Park Small AmphitheaterNambu March
Hundreds of foreign and Japanese people staged a rally Sunday in Tokyo demanding better working conditions and employment benefits for foreign residents.

At the annual “March in March” event at Hibiya Park in Chiyoda Ward, Louis Carlet, deputy general secretary of the National Union of General Workers Tokyo Nambu, said foreign workers have a great need for job security and health care.

The March in March is a multinational gathering and protest march that takes place each March. It began with foreign workers calling for job security and an end to discrimination, but with the deteriorating work environment in Japan “job security and equality” have become the goals of not only foreigners but all who work in Japan. The government claims to have created jobs, but the ranks of working poor and unstable jobs (dispatch, part-time, temp, contract, subcontract, freelance) have increased. The young, the elderly, foreigners and women live with anxiety about their futures. Workaholic men work themselves literally to death. Inequality and disparity do not make workers happy.

The March in March is open to anyone who works or lives in Japan. Together, let’s make sure our voices are heard, let’s make sure the powers that be get the message loud and clear. The March in March will begin in Hibiya Park at 1:00pm on Sunday, March 7, 2010.

Last year, over 400 people took to the streets in Tokyo to demand a stable work environment, free from illegal dismissals, unpaid wages, or discrimination.

To get involved, contact Louis Carlet or phon

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