Mar 10 2015

Kozue Kuriyama Jazz Pianist

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If you love great jazz, you’ll love Kozue. Check out her site and download some of her songs here or from itunes if you can!
Go and see her play April 5th and 15th at Roppongi’s Softwind!

A versatile pianist and composer, Kozue Kuriyama has performed with Dave Liebman, Victor Mendoza, Fernando Huergo, Winston Maccow, Rick Overton, Artem Chirkov, Pasha Tseitlin, Jeffery Nicholson and Emi Kuriyama.

Kozue was born and raised in Chiba, Japan. She began playing piano at the age of three, and composed her first piece at sixteen. Since then, she has developed her own unique playing and composing sound.




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A 2009 graduate of the Tokyo College of Music, Kozue was exposed to a wide variety of music while attending school. She studied classical piano performance with Atsuko Okada and Masahiro Kawakami, and jazz theory and improvisation with Rick Overton. After participating in the International Music Festival 2008 and 2009 in Portugal, her passion for jazz was awoken and she made the decision to trust it. After graduating, she continued performing with her sister, vocalist Emi Kuriyama. They recorded their first album together, “Power,” in the summer of 2009, for which Kozue composed and performed.

Kozue graduated from The Berklee College of Music in 2011, where she was
immersed in jazz and contemporary music. She studied with legendary musicians, including Nando Michellin, Leo Blanco, Ross Ramsay, Jeff Covel, Winston Maccow, David Fiuczynski and Victor Mendoza. She received a number of scholarship awards, including the Classical Performance Award in 2010 and the MBNA Professional Music Award in 2011, and several of her compositions were presented at various showcase concerts held at the Berklee Performance Center in 2011.

Now she leads her group, named the Kozue Kuriyama Jazz Quartet, where she is joined by Zac Zinger(Sop/Alt Sax), Kozue(Pno), Alejandro Zorrilla(Bs), and Oscar Suchanek(Ds). The group has been playing together for over a year, and it is currently recording its first album, with an expected June release date.

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