Mar 13 2011

Sendai Earthquake Australians

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If you have not done so already, we encourage you to register your details
online, so that we can contact you in the case of an emergency:

Please follow the instructions of local authorities and contact us at +61 2
6261 3305 if you have a problem.

You can monitor the Australian Government’s Smart Traveller travel bulletin
for updates on the situation, available online at:

If you have any other Australian acquaintances in Japan, could you please
also request them to register. This will facilitate the embassy to assist
as many Australian citizens as possible in the case of further emergencies.

Earthquake advice from the Tokyo International Communication Committee
including Survival Kit.

Please also notify us if you leave Japan or relocate to another area within

With regards

Consular Section
Australian Embassy, Tokyo

Tel: 03 5232 4111
Fax: 03 5232 4057

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