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Nov 12 2013

Lindsay Hawker

Category: English Teaching Japan,Japan Entertainment,Japan NewsIchiban @ 1:33 pm

Anger in Japan over film about murdered British teacher Anger in Japan as film about the killing of English teacher Lindsay Hawker glosses over her rape and murder By Julian Ryall, Tokyo3:41PM GMT 09 Nov 2013


Japanese cinema-goers have expressed their distaste for a film released on Saturday that depicts the years English teacher Lindsay Hawker’s killer went on the run after her murder in March 2007.

Produced by Sedic International and based on the book that Tatsuya Ichihashi wrote while he was awaiting trial, “I am Ichihashi: Journal of a Murderer” largely glosses over the rape and murder of 22-year-old Hawker, from Brandon in Warwickshire. Instead, in focuses on how he evaded the police, endured hardship while on the run, hid on a remote desert island and earned money on construction sites to pay for plastic surgery. The film also shows Ichihashi, played by the actor Dean Fujioka, performing surgery on himself with a razor blade and a pair of scissors in an effort to conceal his identity.


Bill Hawker displays a picture of his daughter, Lindsay Ann, at Chiba district court


Postings in online chat rooms suggested that efforts to portray a stoical Ichihashi as heroic for avoiding capture had backfired. “I think it’s really strange that people have made a film in which the hero is a murderer,” one commentator on the 2Channel site wrote. “I think the company that made this must be mad.”

Another commented, “The company that made this film needed to get the agreement of Lindsay’s family before starting. It is inevitable that foreigners are now going to think of Japan as a place where we make murderers into heroes.” Hawker’s family declined to comment on the release of the film, but expressed their anger in a statement when the movie project was first announced, in November 2011. Not everyone has criticised the film, however, with one of the high-profile guests at the gala opening screening of the film in Tokyo on Friday evening praising it as “interesting” and “really authentic.” Sedic International did not contact the Hawker family before or during the filming of the movie, but have stated that the title does not attempt to defend Ichihashi or play down his crimes. Ichihashi declined to cooperate with the film, even though it was based on his book, and a spokesman said that it was unclear what would happen to any royalties.

Ichihashi also refused to meet Fujioka before filming. Her family appeal for her safe return A spokesman for the company also told The Japan Times that “the privacy of the victim was taken into consideration and no scenes from the film focus on the victim or depict Hawker in any disrespectful way.” The closest the film comes to showing Hawker’s death is a scene in which Ichihashi is seen pouring sand and gravel into a bath. Hawker’s body was concealed in a bath tub on the balcony of Ichihashi’s apartment. Ichihashi was finally arrested on November 10, 2009, exactly four years ago, as he waited to board a ferry from the port city of Osaka to the island of Okinawa. His identity was confirmed through fingerprints, although he reportedly told the officer that arrested him, “I am Ichihashi.” His arrest brought to an end a manhunt that had been triggered after the naked body of Ms Hawker, a graduate of Leeds University, was found in the bath tub.

Her clothes were strewn around the apartment, she had been severely beaten and police believe she had been confined for as long as 36 hours before being strangled. A teacher at the Koiwa branch of the Nova language school, Ichihashi had apparently talked her into giving him an English lesson in March 2007 in a cafe close to Gyotoku Station before claiming to have no cash with him. Ichihashi and Ms Hawker were then seen on a TV monitor leaving the cafe before they took a taxi to his nearby apartment to get the money to pay her. After escaping from police, there were various theories as to how Ichihashi had managed to avoid arrest, including that he had fled the country, had committed suicide or was being protected by friends or his wealthy family. Ichihashi’s father is a doctor and his mother a respected dentist, but their expression of “regret” for the death of Ms Hawker and their failure to call on their son to surrender angered her family.

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Sep 22 2013

Making Out In Japanese

Category: A + Japanese Dating,Japan EntertainmentIchiban @ 11:41 am

These books are getting old now but still worth the cheap price to brush up and learn the vital pick-up lines.
The first (white) book was first published a long long time ago and a lot of the phrases in that are most probably out of date but the 2nd revised edition is probably still a good cheap, fun read.


But if you want a book written by a Japanese person that is probably better than the two comedies above… this one is a pretty good alternative.


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Sep 05 2013

Japan Ichiban Friend Finder App

Category: A + Japanese Dating,Japanese Girls,Korean GirlsIchiban @ 4:03 am

Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network Mobile Application is Here!

Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network has launched an iPhone app that allows you to access all of the Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network‘s Members from your iPhone or iPad. The application is called Zaima.

Android versions are in development and will be released shortly.


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Nov 23 2011

Ryo Ishikawa rumored to become a father.

Category: A + Japanese Dating,Japan RelatedIchiban @ 10:59 am

On the night of the final day of the President’s Cup Ishikwa’s home in Japan’s driveway was packed with cars. No doubt his girlfriend was in there celebrating Ryo’s great run against Bubba Watson with friends and family.

Were they also making wedding plans?

From NineMSM article:
Young Japanese golf superstar Ryo Ishikawa’s mystery girlfriend will remain anonymous for a little longer.

Ishikawa, 20, was planning to reveal his sweetheart to the world at this week’s Presidents Cup in Melbourne, but she is not coming after all, amid strong rumours that she is pregnant.

“He feels it would be too overwhelming for her to travel given the reaction to the news,” said a source who asked not to be identified.

“Apparently he has been swamped (by the media) since they found out.”

Rumours have been rampant on the Japan Tour recently that Ishikawa’s girlfriend is pregnant.

Ishikawa no doubt will be asked to confirm or deny them when he speaks to the media in Melbourne this week.

He is used to an astonishing level of scrutiny – more even than Tiger Woods – but the revelation last month that he has a steady girlfriend, believed to be a high school sweetheart, has caused a media frenzy.

It’s been no secret in golf circles for a couple of years, but Ishikawa has never introduced her publicly, and has declined to talk about the matter when questioned.

But his mother spilled the beans last month, issuing a statement that said: “There exists a woman whom Ryo Ishikawa is going out with.”

Ishikawa made history when he won a Japan Tour event at the age of 15 – the youngest winner ever on any internationally recognised tour.

And last year he created more history when he shot an astonishing final round 58 – the lowest score on a major tour – to win another Japanese event.

He has won nine tournaments at home, although none internationally.

His best showing in a big overseas tournament has been a tie for fourth at the World Golf Championships Bridgestone Invitational in Ohio in August.

With his youthful good looks, aggressive game and super polite behaviour, Ishikawa is a marketer’s dream.

He reportedly has commercial deals worth more than $40 million.

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Sep 23 2011

Japanichiban Friend Finder

Category: A + Japanese DatingIchiban @ 11:25 pm

If this is your first visit to Japanichiban, please sign up for the friendfinder before you go!
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Jun 04 2010


Category: Japan RelatedIchiban @ 1:39 pm

It’s been a very long time since we posted any testimonial letters from Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network so here are some of the latest ones…

Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network = Love + Marriage + 2 Children = Lots of Happiness!!

Grant, Sydney, Australia/ Satoko, Japan
In a nutshell that is our continuing success story! And we owe it all to Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network. Satoko and I met in Tokyo through Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network right back in 2003 when it was all just starting up, and wow it has changed our lives! Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network was spot on in helping us find each other because one thing led to another and 6 months later in the middle of 2004 we both find ourselves pointing towards mainland Asia as we depart Japan together for an overland trip from Japan to Europe and back to Australia.
A year later we land in Sydney where we now live the idyllic quintessential Australian lifestyle with our little son ‘Lotus” who was a gift from an ashram in India during our travels 🙂 Yes that is where he was made ha-ha. Lotus was made in India, Japanese mother, British father and was born in Australia; how lucky to have three passports and ultimately he owes it all to Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network. If that wasn’t enough, next week we look forward to welcoming Lotus’ baby sister into the growing World of Friends – WOW! Thanks Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network!
It all started with you! Lots of Love, Grant,Satoko,Lotus&??? Anyone out there have any great ideas for our coming daughter’s name?

A Smile Goes A Long Way

Sanya, Toronto Canada & Tony, Toronto Canada
I joined Japan Ichiban’s Friends Network to find a language tutor and someone to talk to about travel and Japan. Accidentally I clicked on a picture of a cute guy who lived in the same city and sent him a smile and he emailed me back. We exchanged emails for a week and started to chat online, then moved on to phone. We talked on the phone every night and got closer day by day. We met up expecting to be friends, however the meeting lead to something else. I sent him a smile in the middle of January, and he asked me out at the beginning of February. We have been together ever since. We both joined to meet people from Japan and to learn Japanese, however we ended up finding each other, a Taiwanese boy and a Serbian girl. We both thank you so much for everything! Without our interest in the Japanese Culture and this great site we would have never met. I read the stories of people who met their spouses here but never thought i would find the perfect guy on this website.

A priceless friendship!

Brian and Risa
My name is Brian. Thanks to your service, I’ve made a very good friend here in Japan. I had just gotten out of basic training and learned that I was to be stationed in Japan. I signed up for a month and e-mailed a couple of people. I got lots of responses, and I responded back to everyone, but only one kept going. So we kept writing back and forth. About two months later I had been in Japan for a month and I kept in contact with my friend. We finally met in person two weeks ago and she has taken me to all kinds of places within the last two weeks. Her name is Risa and she is one of the coolest people I have ever met in my life. We plan to go out again! Thank you, it was well worth the money for a priceless friendship!

I have found a new friend through your service.

My name is Queenie. I have found a new friend through your service. Definitely, I may have many chances to find someone to talk to or listen to. So I’m so glad to have a good friend to share my feelings or ideas by sending emails to each other.

many more just like that… you can see all the testimonials when you log in to your Japanichiban Friend Finder account.

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Jun 03 2010

Looking For a Japanese Girlfriend?

Category: Japan RelatedIchiban @ 12:04 am

You won’t need any of these as long as you sign up on our friendfinder. Believe me, you’ll have more success!

Available in white as well…

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Dec 29 2009

Friends Japan Ichiban's Friends Network

Category: Japan RelatedIchiban @ 2:33 pm

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