Dec 16 2013

United States Forces Japan Thanks!

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A special thanks to all the U.S Forces people who frequent Japanichiban.

Keeping us all safe!

Merry Christmas!

Joint Services Uniform Badge, Commander U.S. Forces Japan

The United States Forces Japan, or USFJ (在日米軍 Zainichi Beigun?) refers to the various divisions of the United States Armed Forces that are stationed in Japan. Under the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan, the United States is obliged to defend Japan in close cooperation with the Japan Self-Defense Forces for maritime defense, ballistic missile defense, domestic air control, communications security (COMSEC), and disaster response operations.

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Jan 06 2011

What to do in Tokyo

Category: Japan TourismIchiban @ 2:30 am

Let Hikosaemon tell you the best spots to go to in and around Tokyo and then check out his Youtube channel.

All in this map: MAP
Must See Places in Tokyo:
Ueno (Ameyoko Markets)
Asakusa (Sensoji Temple)

Hiko’s Favorite Spots in Tokyo
Shimo Kitazawa

Recommended Restaurants in Kagurazaka/Iidabashi

A kind of Japanese/Italian fusion in an old fashioned Japanese home.
In a bit of a backstreet, but GREAT food

French Dining
Iidabashi french food – good prices, good food

Yves Terrace
French again, but specializes in grilled rotisserie chicken and food

Dj Esoph – Xilopsycho Beat
Album Beat Source vol.1

You can also follow Hikosaemon here:
Hiko’s Blog:

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Mar 14 2010

Robbed in Roppongi

Category: Japan RelatedIchiban @ 10:19 am

Roppongi has been losing popularity for some time now and this may be one of the main reasons.

A few friends of mine were victims the other day. Seasoned Japan ex-pats who are not wet behind the ears had their drinks spiked and wallets tampered with.

Slick gangs are spiking drinks and picking pockets. Credit cards and driver’s licenses are palmed off to somebody who heads out to do a quick shopping spree in Don Quijote and quite often the cards are returned to the wallet and your pocket before you stagger out the door unbeknown to how much money has just been charged in your name.
Shops in Japan do not even look at the signature on a credit card to see if it bears any resemblance to the one that is signed by the thief.

Unless your credit card company is on the ball you won’t even know about it till you see your bill some weeks later. Luckily my friend’s credit company called him that night because of irregular use and alerted him to look at his wallet. All his cards were out of order and some I.D cards with his signature were missing. The police were not willing to do anything about it though.

Unless you have any form of evidence the police are not going to do anything either. Especially if you still have the credit cards in your wallet.

The bars run by the Nigerians seem to have a bad reputation for this but it does happen in other bars as well. A quick search on google a testifies to this.

Rather than take a chance in any of these places, avoid Roppongi all together.
There are better places to enjoy the night life in Tokyo where your chances of being robbed are much lower.

An article in the Japan Times back in July last year also warns of the dangers of Roppongi bars.

Embassy alert: Spiked drinks in Roppongi
The Associated Press
The U.S. Embassy on Friday advised Americans to avoid drinking in Tokyo’s Roppongi nightlife district, warning that some customers have fallen unconscious and been robbed after their drinks were spiked.

It was the second such alert in four months about Roppongi bars.

“The U.S. Embassy continues to receive reliable reports of U.S. citizens being drugged in Roppongi-area bars,” the embassy said in statement.

Tokyo is among the safest big cities in the world, but the embassy has reported a rise in incidents of American customers being rendered unconscious or extremely sleepy. Victims awake hours later to find credit cards missing or fraudulently charged for big amounts.

“These cases are very hard to investigate,” said Masahito Fujita, vice head of the Azabu police station overseeing Roppongi. “It’s difficult to know whether people were just drinking too much or if they were actually drugged.”

Canada, Australia and Britain have also warned their citizens to beware.

Canada says in a travel report on Japan that drinks should “never be left unattended.”

Roppongi became a nightspot for foreigners shortly after World War II when the U.S. military was posted nearby.

It remains popular with tourists and Western expatriates drawn to its bars, lounges and dance floors.

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