Oct 26 2010

Hooters Comes To Japan

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Will you go there just for the articles?

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Feb 07 2010

Bicycles For Humanity Tokyo

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Just stumbled across this charity organisation Bicycles For Humanity.

Bicycles for Humanity – Tokyo (B4H-Tokyo) is a charitable organization founded by Andrew Eickhoff to further the mission of Bicycles For Humanity (B4H) to empower the people of Africa by helping them solve the basic problem of mobility. A bicycle allows a healthcare worker to visit 3 to 4 times the number of patients in a day, it allows a mother to transport water and get her goods to market. For students living a long way from schools, it allows them more time and energy for studies and helping at home.

The basic idea is to raise around ¥70,0000, collect 400 used bicycles, buy a shipping crate and send it to Africa. Together we can make it!

A bike can change a life in a poor country. Yet for millions of people on the lowest incomes, a new bicycle is financially out of reach.

Meanwhile, millions of perfectly good bicycles lie unused in North America, Europe, Japan and elsewhere in the world.

Bicycles for Humanity began in September 2005 with the simple aim of enabling people to raise funds and collect unwanted bicycles to send to reliable partners in developing countries.

In developing countries, Bicycles for Humanity, in partnership with organizations in that country, provides resources and support to make the process accountable and efficient. In developing countries, it works at the grassroots level to ensure that disadvantaged people are empowered through improved access to food and water, employment, healthcare, education and social opportunities.

Our movement continues to grow for 3 simple reasons:

1. It empowers caring entrepreneurial-minded people in Africa to step up and make a difference in their communities.

2. It links people here with like-minded people in Africa. Together, they tell the story of the need, collect the bikes and raise the funds to empower whole communities.

3. Accountability, honesty and humanity are the foundation of our movement. The more the people of Africa demonstrate this, the more support comes forward.

Our focus in 2008 was on distributing the Bicycling Empowerment Centre (BEC), a complete package that addresses bicycle delivery to remote areas, access to tools, training and spare parts.

The Bicycle Empowerment Centre (BEC) program was a huge success with now over twelve of them placed across all of Namibia. In 2009 we will launch Top UP, a program designed to send more bikes to communities that already have a BEC.

On this site, you will find information about volunteering, collections and developing country projects. You will come to know the people we empower and the many ways that recipients use bicycles to create new opportunities for themselves, their families, and their communities.

You will also find ways that you or your community group, service club, school, sport club, religious organization or business can get involved. There are opportunities to support our projects by working within your community and through direct connections with partners in a developing countries. Help send a BEC to a community in need.

Please visit our Humanity Rocks Initiative to find out more about how you can join and become a part of this grassroots movement.

Bicycles for Humanity On Facebook too:

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Jan 11 2010

Coming of Age Day

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Falling birth rate raises problem for Japan

Coming of age day

Japanese 20-year-olds celebrate their Coming of Age day all around the country. It is the age at which they are allowed to drink alcohol and vote in elections

Tokyo, Japan – Today is a joyous national holiday in Japan known as the Coming of Age Day. The day marks the time when girls and boys become women and men.

Young people celebrate Coming of Age Day in Tokyo.

All over Tokyo, young women who are turning 20 this fiscal year are decked out in the fanciest, brightest, and most expensive kimonos you’ll ever see. Young men show up in the sharpest (and likely their first) black suit. The women are adorned with all the stylings of youth: huge hair, flowers, furs and silk. You have to forgive them if they’ve gone a bit over the top — you only become an adult once in Japan.

At the Shibuya ward office, 1450 people arrived at the important Coming of Age Day this January 11, 2010. Compare that number to years past, and you get a glimpse into one of Japan’s most pressing economic problems.

Five years ago, Shibuya ward had 1,917 people turn 20. Ten years ago, that number was 2,462. Twenty years ago, it was 4,380. That’s a steady decline in 20 years, down almost 70 percent. The number of young people is declining, not just in Shibuya, but all over Japan.

The birth rate in Japan is 1.37, among the lowest in the world. Japanese women, in survey after survey, report they’re holding back from having children because of the lack of daycare, inequity of domestic duties in marriage, career concerns and the high cost of living in Japan.

At the same time, the number of elderly is growing. By 2050, Japan’s government predicts 40 percent of its population will be over the age of 65. It’s a crippling population problem which analysts say will make this current recession and recovery look like a brief hiccup.

Japan celebrates its young today. But the joy diminishes every year.

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Nov 05 2009

Lindsay Hawker's Murderer Ichihashi Tatsuya & Plastic Surgery

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The murderer of Lindsay Hawker has been parading around Japan getting cosmetic surgery it seems wherever he likes and nobody has done a thing about it.
Only after the fact have any of these cosmetic surgeries come forward with any information.
He’s now on the run again and nobody has any idea where he is.

After getting surgery in at least Fukuoka and Nagoya and possibly many other clinics around Japan he has transformed himself into something much different from when he committed the murder.

Here are some photos to show you the transformations.
Before & After surgery:
Before and After

Possible Disguises:

Lindsay’s parents must again be infuriated.

“We have received no official confirmation of the reports despite attempts to do so,” Hawker’s parents and two sisters said in a statement issued last night.

“[We] would like to know who the surgeons were. Where did Ichihashi, the only suspect, obtain the money for the operation, and who is hiding him? Which hospitals and clinics carried out the work and why would they operate on a man who is allegedly the most wanted man in Japan?”

The family said they would “never give up hope” that Ichihashi will be caught. “He has had two years of freedom too long,” they said. “We would like the police to contact us and explain the situation properly, so that we know the facts, not just rumours.”

A fugitive suspect in the 2007 murder of a British woman had cosmetic surgery at a clinic in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture last month, investigative sources said Wednesday.

The Oct 24 surgery is the first solid information in the ongoing hunt for Tatsuya Ichihashi, 30, who is wanted in connection with the murder of Lindsay Hawker, 22, a language teacher whose body was found at his apartment in Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture, since March 2007.

Chiba police will soon publicize a new photo of Ichihashi as the surgery, according to the sources, made him look very different from how he looks in the photo that has been released by police as the suspect in the Hawker case.

Police have already dispatched investigators to Aichi to search for other traces of Ichihashi, such as at hotels in Nagoya.

Ichihashi went missing after fleeing from police officers on March 26, 2007, at his apartment, where Hawker’s body was found in a sand-filled bathtub.

According to the sources, he had his nose altered at the Nagoya clinic, having entered a false name and an address in Osaka Prefecture and paid for the surgery in cash, but did not return to have the stitches removed on a later appointment day in late October.

Police believe Ichihashi, who had single-edged eyelids, a fat lower lip and two small spots on his left cheek, may have repeatedly had cosmetic surgery during his flight.

William Hawker, the victim’s father, said in a statement that the family has never given up hope that Ichihashi will be caught, but expressed dissatisfaction that he has not received any official confirmation from the police about the latest report. He also said that ‘‘two years of freedom’’ for the suspect is ‘‘too long.’‘

‘‘Who is hiding him? Which hospitals or clinics carried out the work and why would they operate on a man who is allegedly the most wanted man in Japan?’’ the statement said, adding the family want to know ‘‘the facts, not just rumors.’‘

Hawker’s mother, Julia, told the Daily Telegraph ‘‘We feel very let down. We have been told that this is the biggest man-hunt ever staged in Japan and no one in the country can say they don’t know who Ichihashi is. So why did nobody say anything when a young man has gone into this clinic and asked the doctor to change his appearance?’’ she was quoted as saying.

‘‘This is obviously very upsetting for us, but it also raises lots of questions—where has he been living? How has he been earning money? Where has he got enough money for plastic surgery?’’ she said.

‘‘But the most upsetting thing for us is that no-one has done anything about this sighting, it has come out in the media and the police always seem to be there after the event,’’ she added.

Hawker’s relatives have visited Japan several times, hoping to resolve the case, while the National Police Agency raised the cash reward for information leading to Ichihashi’s arrest from 1 million to 10 million yen in June this year.

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