Mar 04 2010

World Friends Networks

Ichiban @ 6:15 pm

Quick Facts
January 2000

– Hong Kong
– Shanghai
– Tokyo
– London

Our community
2,000,000+ members
1,000,000+ photos
230+ countries

Our partnership network
300+ white label websites

WorldFriends is one of the world’s largest cross-culture online communities. We offer people a high quality environment in which to enjoy ‘internationally minded’ socializing and meeting new friends with common interests, especially in the areas of travel, culture and language learning. At WorldFriends, we aim to promote ‘global warming’ by lowering language barriers and culture barriers, resulting in greater cross-culture understanding and communication.

Over 2 million people, including more than 111,000 language teachers, have registered as WorldFriends members, and use WorldFriends to meet new friends in cities where they travel, find language exchange partners, penpals and teachers, and meet other internationally-minded people.

The ‘network’ in ‘WorldFriends Networks’ refers to the fact that we operate a network of hundreds of social Internet services that are all connected to one single member base. is just one website within the network of WorldFriends Networks. This network approach benefits both end-users and network partners because it offers immediate critical mass and end-user satisfaction.

Founded in January 2000, and operating from offices in Shanghai, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, we are an international team of WorldFriends members who have previously worked at leading companies in the fields of consumer Internet, information technology, media, education, and finance.

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